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James G. Apple, President

Pat Paris and MacHelp have been the computer and internet advisors to the International Judicial Academy for more than five years. During that time she has, in a very able manner, solved all of our computer and related problems, made recommendations for alternative ways of using computers to assist the Academy in its work. She has been prompt in all of her visits to the Academy premises. In addition she is a very pleasant person to work with, and has always been available for helpful advise. I strongly recommend her to potential clients for support of all Apple computer/internet systems and development.

James G. Apple
International Judicial Academy
Washington, D.C.

To Bethesda Apple Store

Dear Dave,

Recently we had Pat Paris come in to help us (per your recommendation). She was wonderful! She helped us set up security, data back up, and remote access for our files. She was wonderful to work with and we will definitely have her come help us in the future.

Thanks for a great recommendation.

Kristen Staples
Studio 301 Photography
7946 Norfolk Avenue
Bethesda, MD  20814

Daniel H. Pink, author

Pat Paris has done an amazing job of solving our computer problems and keeping both our work and family Macs running smoothly. She’s smart, conscientious, and effective — and always gets done what she says she's going to get done. As a small businessperson herself, she has an excellent grasp of how much our computers and systems matter to our livelihood. And she explains it all in English rather than geek-ese. Perhaps most important, she's been a great advisor — revamping how we backed up our files, reconfiguring our power system, and suggesting upgrades and new hardware we didn't know we need but now can't live without. I can’t recommend Pat highly enough. Just don't call her when we need her!

Scott Puritz
The Somerset Group
Chevy Chase, MD

You are a consummate professional, with terrific domain expertise, complemented by a wonderful customer-oriented sensibility. All of our Macs and our PCs, as well as our network, are now humming thanks to MacHelp’s team of experts. I would be very happy to be a reference for your company. We are looking forward to a long term relationship.

Harry B. Laughlin II

Thank you so very much for your help. As you know I am a retired man who was having a serious problem with a hacker in my neighborhood. I had called tech support, asked the MAC store for help, none of them could help me as the little creep kept getting into my wireless system. I was so happy that you were able to come out to my home. You were very kind, courteous, spent as much time as I needed, and went over many things and made sure I understood them all.

I am so pleased with the degree of service I thought I would write this note in hope that you might post it, as there may be other little people like me who think that computer companies only go to big companies and you are so different as long as your schedule permits. Thanks again!

Melissa and Doug Landau
Abrams Landau Ltd.

Patricia Paris and MacHelp have been instrumental in configuring and supporting our business using an OS X Server and wired/wireless network. Pat is ever professional and quick to respond to emergencies as well as wonderful with long-term plans and strategies. MacHelp has worked closely with us to create a unique, useful and efficient platform for our FIleMaker Pro database. Over the past few years she has also helped us with larger internet and communication issues. She is an integral part of our Law office and a trusted friend.

Kathy Coleman
St. Mary of Sorrows Church

We, at St. Mary’s, are pleased to write a testimonial for Pat Paris of MacHelp, Inc. She has been an integral supporter of our staff since 1993. With her help and assistance, we are able to focus our efforts on managing the Church and not worrying about our computer systems. We have always relied on Pat to provide us with the technology necessary to support our programs and parishioners. Her technical expertise has allowed us to develop our network and communicate effectively within our organization and with our parishioners. She has been pivotal in providing us with the necessary technology and integration of systems for our computers and telephones. We would be truly lost without her and her support. Not only has kept us up to date and technologically on target but she does it with personality and confidence. Our Tuesday would not be complete without a visit from Pat.

Sheri Singer
Singer Communications, Arlington, VA

I own a strategic public relations firm that is completely dependent on email communication. Pat has been a lifesaver for my business for the past two years sight unseen — she provided most of her excellent advice by phone. She gave me relevant information about a preferred Internet provider and guidance on what to do when email was down. More recently, she came to my house to service my computer and bring it up to speed. Her advice and hands-on guidance really saved the day for me, my business and most importantly, my clients.

Robert Fulmer

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Pat going back to my days when I was the Marketing Guru for the Newspaper Industry at ANPA. There were countless times when she helped me to extract data from an "unfriendly" mainframe computer so I could analyze the data on a PC or Mac. We still work together when I need a good network engineer, a quality IT person or someone that can fix a nasty computer problem that we need to solve very quickly. So far she has managed to fix everything and our customers enjoy working with her. If you believe the Myers Briggs people — having this level of technical and people skills in one person is virtually impossible. I’m just happy that she is always there when we need her!

Vivianna Irizarri, President
Cachet Furnishings & Interiors, LLC

Pat Paris, is very responsive, caring and gives you more than most consultants. She ferrets out problems and alarms you if she sees anything wrong that you did not anticipate. I am happy with her work and her attentiveness.
She’s also a pleasure to work with.

Joe Uehlein

I switched from a PC to a Mac in December. Pat Paris has been a huge help in getting me oriented with the basics, helping me set up my email accounts so they all coordinate, setting up my email filing cabinets, email lists, my .Mac page for my band, all of my photos, calendar — everything I need to be up and running quickly. She knows the Mac inside and out, and is a great teacher!
I highly recommend Pat Paris!

Lissa Levinson
Levinson Design

Pat Paris is my Mac Genius. She is the only person I trust to upgrade my system. Her recommendations are based on knowledge not only of the Mac community but also how the new software works within the publishing industry which is critical to business. I only recommend MacHelp to my friends and colleagues and no one else.

Henrietta Giza
Desktop Publishing Coordinator
City of Baltimore, Printing & Graphics Division

My name is Henrietta Giza with the City of Baltimore, Printing & Graphics Division. I have employed Pat Paris of MacHelp Associates for the past 10 years, her expertise and professionalism in her field are impeccable.

Ms. Paris is well versed in the Graphics industry, she will assess your needs and recommend any hardware or software to accommodate the needs of your company. She follows through on her work to make sure everything is functioning properly. She provides phone and on-site support, and performs them in a timely fashion.

I highly recommend her, I can assure you that she won’t let you down. I’ve enjoyed working with her over the past 10 years.

If you want to speak to me further, Ms Paris can give you my phone number or email address.

Christopher L. Moore
The Observer Newspapers

The Observer hired MacHelp 15 years ago as its computer system began to become more complicated, and stayed with the firm as we entered the Internet age, added more computers, updated our network, set up office-wide Internet access and our own e-mail server and Web site. MacHelp and Pat Paris have always been responsive in emergencies, returning calls in a matter of seconds and offering to change their schedule on a moment‚s notice to come in and solve a critical problem right away.

MacHelp understands the deadline-oriented atmosphere of our business and knows what we need from our computer system. The firm has been indispensable in helping us protect our critical data, maintain our computers in top condition, and establish long-term goals for technology management.

Pat Paris and her staff are experts at the kinds of software we require in this technology-driven world, from software utilities, to virus protection, to data management, system software, Web site design and word processing.

Our business has increased its reliability on computers over the past decade, and our business has grown because of it. MacHelp and Pat Paris have been an integral part of our ability to expand and manage our technology.

University of Maryland
Office of Continuing and Extended Education

To Whom it May Concern: We are writing to offer an unequivocal recommendation for MacHelp Associates, Inc. and its principal, Patricia Paris. MacHelp Associates has been reliably and proactively providing computer and network consulting services for our office for almost four years. The firm initially helped to setup our Apple-only LAN and its interface to myriad University of Maryland IBM mainframe and Unix systems. When a Windows operating system advocate became our new dean, MacHelp assisted us in adjusting our server to support Windows desktops, and helped coordinate the hardware and software changes, and the training required to smoothly run a multi-operating system shop.

We recently configured our LAN and moved our servers to another building. With MacHelp’s assistance, we accomplished these moves with negligible disruption, and purchased and implemented a new “intranet” server and new server protocols. We also hired in mid-February a full time IT support staff person, someone with a primarily Windows OS background. MacHelp Associates helped us to orient and train our new employee: in Apple technology, in the overall workings of our LAN, in our vision for the future, and in the computing abilities and capabilities of our staff. We know that she completed her task well because she similarly supported each of us when we were hired by OCEE in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

Margaret New
The Middleburg Group

As an independent small business, I NEED Pat Paris. She is knowledgeable, prompt and always saves me from a crash and burn. I recommend her 100%.

Joyce Harman MRCVS, DVM
Harmany Equine Clinic, Ltd.

MacHelp Associates, Inc. and Patricia Paris have kept my office and home equipped with up-to-date Mac systems for over 15 years. My office system is networked and any problems we have run into are promptly and efficiently solved. I highly recommend the MacHelp Associates for businesses like my own and for simpler in-home systems as well. The company is great to deal with and friendly.



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